Passport Leather Holder - Aggiechill
Passport Leather Holder - Aggiechill

Passport Leather Holder - Aggiechill

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Do you have a desire to explore every corner of the world? 

Looking to travel abroad? Our Aggiechill passport leather holder will keep your passports protected! Show off your Aggie pride wherever you venture. Whatever country you choose, don't leave the house without your passport AND COVER! Safe travels!!

5.5" L x 4" H

Aggiechill is Chillwater's Sister Brand and represents a collection of the college 'chill' vibe. All Agriculture based colleges are considered Aggies from the birth of their existence. To name a few of the Aggie colleges, there's KState, OKState, Texas A&M, Colorado State, and the list goes on and on.  Wear your College Collection with pride and get your Aggiechill on!

Aggiechill is an online store that ships nationwide. Visit our store location: 132 N Main, Stillwater, OK 74075. It's the coolest store around! Come check out our chill atmosphere with the inside campfire and 18' Chillwater canoe.